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Meet the BPL Ownership Team

The Baltimore Paintball League (BPL) in order to create the best experience possible for tournament teams in the region have assembled highly experienced individuals to run the tournament series. This years executive staff is comprised of:

Operations and Principle Management – Rick Hartman

rick_hartmanRick Hartman has been involved in the sport of paintball for decades. From being a hobbyist, to a top end tournament player, team captain, and store/field owner Rick has seen and understands all aspects of tournament paintball and running logistically complex events. Rick always puts his customers and players first which has led his field to host some of the most dominant divisional teams in the nation including Baltimore Revo and Annapolis A-Team.

Marketing and Event Promotion – Michael Spinosa & Matt Foreman

mspinosaMichael Spinosa has been involved with the sport of paintball dating back to 2001. He is currently owner of the Annapolis A-Team Franchise and Co-Captain of the division II team that plays out of Paintball Adventure Park. Mike is the creator and co-operator of the east mega practice in which teams from across the nation come to practice for upcoming NXL events two weeks in advance of the tournament. Mike has spent the last ten years of his career dedicated to web marketing and related technologies that help make the BPL an easy experience for players looking for key information about the series.

mattforemanMatt Foreman is co-captain of Annapolis A-Team with Michael Spinosa and assists in managing the sponsorships, vendor relationships, and works directly with all members of the ownership team to ensure the details are minded. Matt has been playing competitive tournament paintball since 2004. He’s played for teams such as Redz Untouchables, OA Mayhem, and the Salty Dawgs to name a few.


Operational Support and Rule Enforcement – Henry Sentz & Chris Lloyd

henrysentz2Henry Sentz is the captain of Baltimore Revo, a professional NXL team competing with the best teams from around the world. Supported by one of his longest standing teammates Chris Lloyd the knowledge and experience from these two is manifested into an expertly run crew of referee’s that understand what it means to have a solid experience on the field. They leverage their experiences and impress the highest levels of intensity to providing the most balanced experience possible.

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