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BPL Player and Event Policies

Event Registration

All registration must be completed and purchased through the APPA at least thirteen (15) days prior to the event date to avoid any late fees.  All late registrations must be completed and purchased online at least six (5) days prior to the event date.

Payments for Entry Fees

Teams can submit payment electronically with their paypal account or credit card via the paypal payment system.  The BPL will not accept payments for registrations at the event.  All payments and/or late fees are due 5 days prior to the event date.  This is a zero tolerance policy so be prepared!

Refund Policy

The BPL does not issue tournament entry fee refunds.  If a team chooses to withdraw from an event, and a refund is requested, entry fee will be forfeited.

Inclement Weather Policy

There will be no refunds or adjustments of entry fee due to situations outside of the BPL control.

The BPL reserves the right to make last minute schedule changes to locations and time slots to accommodate the weather. All teams will be notified in a timely manner concerning the status of the event schedule.

Teams that make the decision not to play in the revised schedule will not be given a refund.There will be no refunds in the event of canceled games or modified games due to facility or weather related problems.

Player ID Number

All players must obtain a free APPA player identification number through the APPA database.

Team ID Number

All teams must create a team profile through the APPA database.

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