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Parking & Amenities

Paintball Adventure Park has ample parking accommodating both families, friends, fans and players. Each team will be permitted to have one car close to the field that can be used to transport gear to and from the field. Additional cars will be parked in the grassy area and upon arrival you will be directed by staff on where to park.

It’s important to note that all parking is well within walking distance to the field and it’s more a matter of convenience to the players and spectators. If you have any questions about amenities at the field please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Food and Drink

During the tournament a full service food truck is on site serving beverages, hot food, and snacks. All food and beverage is reasonably priced as a courtesy to the players, fans, and families.

Clean Portable Bathroom Facilities

During the tournament the BPL will make clean portable bathroom facilities available that are gender specific.

Safe and Friendly Environment

The BPL is proud to be hosting at Paintball Adventure Park one of the premier paintball facilities in all of Maryland. While not on the field children, family members, and spectators should feel safe and not require masks or protection of any kind. Both the tournament series and Paintball Adventure Park make a safe and fun environment our highest priority.

As a player you can expect that the tournament and field staff will be diligent and expect you to follow standard safety procedures when it comes to your behavior and management of your paintball marker.

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